Best CCleaner Alternatives For Windows 10

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CCleaner is a popular and long-standing system cleansing utility that has gained user confidence through time. However, this dependable instrument has become less authentic and more devious. It was first hacked, impacting 2.27 million PCs, before being bought by Avast, which has no plans to roll out CCleaner. As a result, Windows computer users began searching for CCleaner substitutes.

Furthermore, CCleaner, a tool known for its accessibility of use, showing a sure sign of what has been deleted and how much storage has been restored.  Rather, now it operates inside the backdrop, emits nag messages, and sends anonymous data to the company’s network. So the list begins as follows.

Official Clean Master

Official Clean Master is one of the most efficient CCleaner substitutes. It offers strong encryption assurance as well as trash removal. One will require the following functionalities when the system is sluggish and full of garbage archives:

  • Continually analyzing and removing trash data.
  • Cleaning -out your browsing history.
  • Disposal of sensitive data with a completely secure approach.
  • There are two variations of this CCleaner potential substitute: Standard and Professional.
  • The Basic version is complimentary; however, it only includes two functionalities: Junk Removal and Performance Boost.

Advanced System Optimizer

Optimizer for Advanced Systems Advanced System Optimizer is the second CCleaner alternative. It works with Microsoft  windows10/8.1/8/7/Vista/XP and allows users to advanced System Optimizer to help customers cleanse their storage devices and eliminate garbage and old data from their computers, making them run faster.

  • Evaluate the system’s safety and confidentiality:
  • It safeguards the Computer against malware, spyware, & Ransomware by identifying and deleting potentially harmful files as they penetrate their system.
  • Gameplay Compressor, Storage Preprocessor, Enhanced Gaming Efficiency, and Firmware Upgrade are all built-in functions in this CCleaner alternative. They can help you to manage and improve your Windows Computer quickly.

Total PC Cleaner

Total PC Cleaner is a convenient alternative to CCleaner. You may update to the Premium version unless you want more powerful functions.

  • This program can search your computer for garbage folders and huge archives that haven’t been visited in months. Under the reflection of effectiveness, it’s indeed comparable to other desktop cleaners.
  • Total PC Cleaner has a straightforward interface that makes it simple to use and has no annoying pop-up recommendations. It is renowned amongst Windows operating systems because of these advantages.


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