These are just some of the experiences of immigrants attempting to enter America this weekend. From our perspective, there's no way of knowing how many others experienced the same or worse in airports across America. We do know that many once legal immigrants are now afraid of rejection at the U.S. border. Trips are being cancelled, and family members are confronting the reality that they don't how long it will be before they see their loved ones again. Here are some of the stories we confirmed, a small representation of the harm caused by President Trump's Executive Order:

-    Two detainees, a 60 year-old father and a 30 year-old brother of a United States Citizen working on cancer research. The new grandfather and uncle were on their way to meet the researcher's four-day-old son, but were detained for 30 hours. The cancer researcher slept in a chair in the airport away from his new baby, unsure of what would happen to his family.

-    A 65 year-old Sudanese woman with diabetes, a Green Card holder, was detained upon her return from a trip to Cairo for a medical procedure and Sudan to visit her family.

-    A father and son from Iran were detained for 33 hours. No beds were provided. The father and son were then presented with the option of accepting a deportation back to Iran and being banned from entering the U.S. for five years, or facing potentially indefinite detention. They had signed the waiver, stating that they felt coerced into doing so, however, their temporary stay was eventually granted and they were ultimately released.

-    A 75 year-old woman from Libya with Parkinson's disease who has a pending Green Card application was detained upon her arrival to JFK. She was on her way back from seeing her sister in Libya, who was terminally ill and died during the visit. She had been granted permission to travel due to her sister's illness, yet she was still detained upon her return.

-    An Iraqi woman in her 60's was detained on Saturday morning around 3AM. Upon her arrival and detainment, she was grouped with other Iraqi nationals who had been detained that day. The woman was traveling alone and had arrived to JFK through Qatar, confused and tired after several layovers. She said the Executive Order was issued while she was in transit. She was flying in to visit her son.

-    A group of six Iraqis, three men and three women, including the woman mentioned above, were handcuffed and brought from room to room throughout their detention including through public areas of the airport.

-    An Iranian man, Green Card holder, and spouse of a United States Citizen, was detained Sunday evening and held for approximately three house upon his return from a trip to Morocco. A lawyers who has lived in the United States since 2009, the man was questioned about his family, career, trip to Morocco, and other personal information. The man was eventually released.

Any immigrants seeking legal advice as a result of Trump's Executive Order can contact our hotline found on the main page of