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Lawyers and Volunteers Continue to Offer Round-the-Clock Support at JFK Airport to Families Affected by Trump’s Muslim Ban

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Queens, NY – For the past seven days, hundreds of attorneys, activists, translators, and dedicated volunteers have been providing round-the-clock support to families affected by President Donald Trump’s Muslim Ban. 

At JFK airport the #NoBanJFK coalition has been assisting travelers and their families with support from the the New York Immigration Coalition (NYIC), the American Immigration Lawyers Association (AILA), and nonprofit organizations, and several New York based law firms, among others.

Similar grassroots efforts have emerged at major airports across the country, including O’Hare, Dulles, Los Angeles, and Dallas-Fort Worth.

To date, the #NoBanJFK coalition has assisted travelers from twenty countries, including travelers from five of the seven countries affected by the ban. These travelers have arrive

The effects of President Trump’s Executive Order are far-reaching and continue to devastate individuals and families domestically and abroad.

The tremendous outpouring of support and donations from private individuals, corporations and law firms continues to sustain the on the ground efforts of #NoBanJFK. We will continue to respond to the ongoing crisis. 

If you or your family have been affected, please email or call the hotline at 844.326.4940