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Audio editing software enables the user to manipulate the audio or video file sound. Music producers and audio engineers majorly used these, but with the recent increase of digital media, this software is used by the common people as well. Audio editing software helps the user edit, copy, mix, rearrange, remove, record, adjust the length, change the speed, and regulate the audio volume. Video creators, too, require an audio editing app to transform their videos with audios that are euphonious.

Now let’s jump into the list of the best audio editing software-


  1. Audacity– Audacity is free one of the best professional audio editing software available in the market. It is open-source software that uses a multi-track editorthat helps to edit audio effortlessly. This software can import and export different files, including the basics like MP3, WAV, etc. This is a user-friendly software that shows a real-time preview. It facilitates an entirely manipulated keyboard.


  1. Adobe AuditionThis professional workstation is developed by Adobe Inc. and supported in Windows and Mac. This platform, like all others, can edit, record, and mix audios with perfection. Like Audacity, this software can import and export various types of files. This is an ideal platform for podcast creation. It can edit and fix audio breaks


  1. Soundop– Soundop offers a great display with multiple effect editors. This innovative platform lightensyour system and offers a seamless and easy audio transition; it also allows multitrack recording and comes with a feature to burn audio tracks to CD. Its easy interface saves a  lot of time too.


  1. Avid Pro Tools– This particular platform includes more than 20 pluginsand supports a lot of effects. Avid Pro Tools is facilitated with a cloud collaboration feature, unlike other audio editing software. Through this platform, one can edit their audio without making any change to the original file (it edits in a non-destructive method)


  1. Hindenburg Prois the appropriate software for radio production and editing podcasts as this platform facilitates quick rearranging and omitting audios. It features ‘Magic Levels’ tools and automation of audio files, which creates remarkable results with balanced audio. Hindenburg Pro allows to record more than one track at a time and merge them.

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