The Best Noise Reduction Software

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Since their invention, cameras have come a long way, from Pinhole Cameras to Film Cameras to SLRs and DSLRs. No matter how expensive and branded a camera is, a photographer is never free from the grasp of image noise. Noise is small unpleasant sand-like grains in photographs. There are numerous reasons for a photograph to have Noise like-

  • Small image sensor
  • Long exposure shots
  • Increased level of ISO

Out of all, ISO is like the main villain in a photographer’s life. Noise is bound to appear as one dial-up the ISO setting. In the old days, photographers didn’t have a way around the problem with noise, but with current technology, removing noise from your photograph has become easy. Now let’s look at the best noise reduction software that will help you transform your images.


  1. DxO PureRAW– This is excellent software to edit RAW images. It can run in both Windows and macOS. Apart from just noise reduction, this software rectifies aliasing and correctlens distortion. This is a user-friendly tool that comes with a 30-day free trial.


  1. Capture One Pro– This works on RAW imagesas well. It is fast, powerful, and very efficient. This tool manages to handle the overexposed pixels well and emphasises the details in the photograph. Though it is expensive, the results are worth it. The user can avail of the 30-day free trial before updating the paid version.


  1. Photoshop CC– This software is suited forRAW files as well. Unlike the other two, Photoshop CC comes with a mobile version. This tool provides more than one way of reducing noise, but most are time-consuming. There is an advanced option that helps you to remove noise through colour channels. It comes with a 7-day free trial.


  1. Lightroom ClassicIt edits RAW files and is available as a mobile application. It is user-friendly, and removing noise through this tool is very easy. It provides a flawless workflow and finishes your work in less time. Just like Photoshop, it comes with a 7-day free trial.


  1. ON1 NoNoise AIThis software uses Artificial Intelligence to remove noise from a photograph after scanning them automatically. Other than noise reduction, it proves basic options like masking, cropping, image retouching, and a few others and comes with a 14- day free trial.


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