DIY Chocolate face mask for glowing skin

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What comes to your mind when you hear the term chocolate? Well, the very first thing which can hover around in anyone’s mind is that chocolates are yummy. Are you aware that the eatable can also bring a glow on your skin? Many skin care companies have come up with face packs made out of chocolate from time to time. The best which you can do is to make face packs out of chocolates right at the comfort of your home.

Benefits of dark chocolate for skin

  • Chocolate and especially dark chocolate can work wonders for your skin. Dark chocolate consists of flavanols, polyphenols and catechins. These are organic in nature thereby acting as a very strong antioxidant. The cacao seeds help to carve out chocolate which has high levels of antioxidants. If you compare it with any other fruit then you might find that cacao has the highest level of antioxidants as compared to any other fruit. As we all know that antioxidants help to make our skin glow and flawless.
  • Flavanols which is one of the main ingredients in a bar of a chocolate safeguard our skin from the harmful rays of the sun. The blood flow increases thereby making your skin glowing. This ingredient also keeps your skin hydrated.
  • Cocoa which is present in a bar of chocolate helps to reduce your stress levels. The stress levels are the main reason behind your dull skin. When your stress levels are low then there is a less chance that you might end up having little or no wrinkles even if it’syour age. So, stay young and happy.

Let us take a look at the homemade chocolate face masks so that you can enjoy a glowing skin.

  1. Cocoa powder face mask for oily skin types

In order to make this face mask at home, you will require one tablespoon of cocoa powder which is not sweet, cinnamon and one tablespoon of organic honey. Take all three ingredients and make a perfect blend out of it. When the paste is prepared and it appears to be chunky then more of honey can be added to it. Now as the paste is ready you can cover your face and neck with it. Keep it on your face for nearly half an hour and then wash it. Use this paste twice a week to get better results. Both chocolate and honey used in this face mask are rich in antioxidants. Pimples are stabbed and the skin is kept soft and glowing.

  1. Face mask out of dark chocolate

In order to make this mask, you will require two bars of dark chocolate (purchase bars which have only seventy per cent cocoa content in it), two third cup of milk, one teaspoon of sea salt, and three tablespoons of brown sugar. In order to make the face mask, first of all, you have to bring the chocolate to a liquefied state. To this melted dark chocolate, you have to mix salt, sugar and milk and blend it properly. After the paste cools down which has now been properly made you can apply it to your face and neck. Allow it to affect your skin thereby keeping it for around fifteen minutes. After that, you can wash it off. It’s effective when you apply it at least twice a week. This face mask moisturizes the skin thereby making it plump and soft.

  1. Face mask with clay and dark chocolate

In order to make this nutritious face mask, you will require one-fourth cup of cocoa powder, two tablespoons of clay, two tablespoons of plain curd, one teaspoon of lemon juice, and one teaspoon of coconut oil. Now take all of the above-mentioned ingredients and blend it together. After a proper blending of all the ingredients, the face mask is ready to be applied to your face and neck. Keep it on your face and neck for nearly twenty minutes and wash it off after the recommended time. Cold water is preferred while rinsing off the face mask. Twice a week is recommended when you are thinking to maintain the glow on your face.

How is it beneficial for your skin? Well, the lemon juice and the yoghurt lighten up your skin and keeps it healthy. On the other side, you have the cocoa powder which is filled with anti-oxidants.

  1. Face mask carved out of heavy cream along with cocoa powder

In order to make this paste, you will require one tablespoon of cocoa powder which doesn’t contain any sugar and one tablespoon of heavy cream. Take both the cocoa powder and the heavy cream and blend it well so that a paste is made. Only after cleaning your face you must apply the mixture to your face. After half an hour of keeping it on your face, you can wash it off from your face.

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