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Metabolism is the complex biochemical process of reactions in our body’s cells when food is converted into energy. It is this converted energy that helps in the functioning and maintenance of our body. Nutrition plays an important role as metabolism works through the nutrients found in our food. Metabolism can be categorized into catabolism which is the process where large molecules are broken down into smaller molecules and anabolism which is the process that builds the molecules that the body requires.

The metabolism rate of a body should always be high as that helps in burning calories faster and makes one feel more energetic and fit. The rate of metabolism in an individual is dependent on different factors such as:

  • Body size – There is a tendency to tend to burn more calories if an individual has a large size or has more muscles.
  • Sex – Men tend to have lesser body fat and more muscles than women and thus can burn more calories.
  • Age – Age plays an important role in the rate of metabolism as it tends to decrease as one starts aging.
  • Food – The kind of food that is eaten matters in the rate of metabolism and it is advisable to have more of fat burning foods such as proteins.
  • Exercise and physical activities – Any kind of activities including exercises helps in increasing the rate of metabolism by burning more calories. There are many ways of increasing the rate of metabolism in the body and listed below are a few steps one can follow:
  • Any kind of physical activities, even something as simple as taking a walk, can help in burning calories because of the muscles that are activated in the body. High intensity workouts also help in boosting the metabolic rate as it helps in burning more calories.
  • An increase in water intake helps in processing the calories and thus boosts one’s metabolism. One can also eat fresh fruits and vegetables which have a high water content and makes one feel full after a meal.
  • Proteins are a good metabolism booster as they help in making one feel full and not overeat as well as prevent losing muscles in the body. Lean beef, turkey, fish, chicken etc are excellent sources of protein.
  • Smaller portions of meals is a great way of keeping the metabolism rate of the body normal and thus burn more calories in the process. Healthy snacking is a great way of not over eating during mealtime.
  • Drinking coffee is another way of maintain ones metabolic rate as it makes one feel more energetic.
  • Green tea which has catechins and caffeine helps in increasing ones metabolic rate.
  • Spicy food contains a natural chemical called capsacian which helps in increasing the metabolic rate of the body.
  • Quality sleep ensures that the body is rested and the metabolism rate remains normal.

Maintaining a high rate of metabolism is not as hard as it seems. Following these simple steps will ensure that the metabolism rate in your body always remains high.



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