How to create cohesive Insta feed?

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When we come across at someone’s flawlessly designed feed, it leaves us thinking how they managed such spectacular and cohesive work. Actually, it is not as complicated as it looks.

If you are aiming to create a cohesive and brilliant feed to upscale your brand or blog, you must understand that visual is probably the best way to link with your audience. Instagram has become the most popular and acceptable social media platform. When your Insta feed is majestically fashioned, it can bring a lot of success to your business. To become an Instagram pro, this is how you can create a visually appealing Instagram feed.

Plan your feed

As an initial step, the most important thing to do is to plan your feed well. Rather than flinging your post just like that, it should be carefully put together. It may take days for you to plan your content well. You can also feel free to use apps that help plan the Insta feed. These apps will help you decide when and what to post every day consistently. You must post regularly to keep your audience involved. With a sound planning, you will also know the content of the post and when to post it.


Choose a theme

Another important step is to choose your theme. You can pick dark, white, colorful, moody, natural, or vintage theme. Picking a theme should depend on what kind of your business is. The theme will be a hint to your audience that what lies in the content and what can they expect next from you.

You can decide on one main theme and then a few different types of content you can post, matching that theme. A theme allows you to curate a better and more consistent content. Your content must be focused enough to gather the attention of the people who might be interested in your business.

Edit well

The editing also needs consistency. A good edit will allow you to post variety. Editing is the key to make your Instagram a masterpiece. A unique editing fashion will create all the differences. But a thing that you must bear in mind is that your editing style must match your business aesthetics.

Take perfect photos

Capture delightful and pleasing photos to give your feed an upper edge. For doing so, do not hesitate in taking multiple shots. Keep up the practice and compose your photo well.

Keep going

If you think it is not working, don’t loose heart. Keep growing gradually.

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