How to Increase WiFi Speed

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If your wifi is running slow and if you are having trouble in running the internet. So now your seven will not be like this because I have come up with such tips for you, due to which you can increase the speed of WiFi so much that there are many devices connected in your house at one time. Still, everyone’s wifi internet will run at great speed. I am going to tell you about easy settings to boost wifi speed, which will make your wifi internet run faster.


With every WiFi you get an app that you can easily optimize your WiFi, which will make your WiFi Internet speed the same as before and you will not have to do much effort. I would advise you that if the internet runs slowly then you must optimize its speed.


If your wifi is running slow and you are having difficulty in running the internet, then now you reboot the wifi and after rebooting you will not have any problem in accessing wifi. Shortly after rebooting, the internet speed will start running.

power off

If you power off the WiFi, then the speed of the Internet can also be increased by that but it definitely takes some time. Then when the device is fully powered on, its speed again becomes the same as before.

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