Is Having a Smartphone a Requirement in 2022?

Is Having a Smartphone a Requirement in 2022?
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In the vast world of the new-age technologically advanced world, living without a phone is equivalent to traveling without a compass in the old days. In the past 50 years, technology has gone from bulky landlines to a miniature computers in our pockets. In this day and age, when technology rules every aspect of our lives, not having a smartphone is a severe struggle for a single person and those around them. Not having a smartphone hinders daily life to a great extent.


Button phones have mainly become unnecessary with the advent of an affordable touchscreen smartphone. Smartphones are thoroughly customizable to fit user needs perfectly. Everything is so much more convenient on a smartphone. We are all so used to the ease of smartphones that we only appreciate them when we are missing a phone. Communication has become so much easier. Calls have turned into video calls; you can see a person thousands of miles away on your phone now! Ah, the wonders of technology and what it can achieve. Phones and their applications have saved us from being socially distant and starved throughout the pandemic. They have been our lifeline during these unprecedented times and made us grateful that we will be in a technologically advanced age. Everything from paying bills to a quick internet search is just a few taps away.

Personal Voice and Potential

Advancements in this industry move ever upward; we’ve barely scratched the surface of what we can achieve via phones. The social media platforms on our phones give us a place to voice our opinions freely. They help us find like-minded people to advocate for what we’re passionate about. They allow us to hold open-minded discussions on topics considered too taboo by society regarding sexuality, women’s rights, casteism/colorism, and racism. Smartphones, if used judiciously, can broaden our minds to a significant extent. They perpetuate the idea of a world without borders, which holds for the digital sphere we exist in.

Privacy and Safety:

Of course, not every aspect of smartphones is good. Smartphones can provide an easy way of grooming, abuse and pouring out hatred. Privacy and safety are always a concern, a constant fear of who has our personal information and what they might do with it. With necessary precautions, smartphones can be the best tool we have.

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